Arbidol Hydrochloride

Abidol hydrochloride is an antiviral drug, developed by the Center for Medicinal Chemistry of the former Soviet Union, mainly indicated by influenza caused by class A and B influenza viruses, and may also have antiviral activity against some other respiratory virus infections.

Currently, it is mainly used in Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries for anti-coronavirus drugs, and flu-like cold applications. Our independent process :CN112694432A, substantive review stage.

Sales are expected to be approximately 18 million and 50 million in 2021, respectively, and approximately 60-70 million in 2022.

Product Name: Arbidol hydrochloride

Synonyms: 1H-INDOLE-3-CARBOXYLIC ACID, 6-BROMO-4-[(DIMETHYLAMINO)METHYL]-5-HYDROXY-1-METHYL-2-[(PHENYLTHIO)METHYL]-, ETHYL ESTER, MONOHYDROCHLORIDE;6-bromo-4-[(dimethylamino)methyl]-5-hydroxy-1-methyl-2-[(phenylthio)methyl]-1h-indole-3-carboxylic acid ethyl ester monohydrochloride;ARBIDOL HCL;ARBIDOL HYDROCHLORIDE;Arbidol hydrochloride hydrate;ARBIDOLHYDROCHLORIDE(FORR&DONLY);HYDROCHLORIDEOFETHYL6-BROMO-4-((DIMETHYLAMINO)METHYL)-5.;1h-indole-3-carboxylic acid, 6-bromo-4-((dimethylamino)methyl)-5-hydroxy-1-methyl-2-((phenylthio)methyl)-, ethyl ester, monohydrochloride, hydrate

CAS: 131707-23-8

MF: C22H26BrClN2O3S

MW: 513.87544